We have set up this service on informal lines as we understand that our clients require a fairly painless introduction to the ownership of web sites, and don't want to be burdened by red tape and contracts. An outline of the major steps would be :

  1. You decide on your preferred web site name and extension (.com, .co.uk etc..) - we will of course advise if you wish

  2. We will then confirm what variations of your chosen name are actually available, and the associated cost

  3. You finalise your decision on web site name

  4. We register the web site name for you - in your name unless you prefer us to be the registrant

  5. Once registration is complete, you send us the appropriate fee

  6. We send you templates for the information needed to build the website, which you complete and return to us along with any additional information you would like us to include

  7. We build a prototype for you to review

  8. We revise and complete the setup of the web site in its agreed location (free space initially unless you prefer to start out with rented space)

  9. Once you are happy with the web site you pay us the setup fee of 10 per page (includes first six months of maintenance)

  10. Twelve months later you pay us the annual maintenance fee (5 or 10 per page) for the following year

  11. You inform us of any changes you require - either maintenance of existing pages, or addition of new pages.

  12. We action your requests.

  13. etc.....

If you wish to take a look at a prototype before actually registering your web site name, then it is possible to start with points 6 & 7, with 1 to 5 waiting until you have seen the prototype. This would enable you to get a good idea of what the web site will look like before parting with any money at all.  As mentioned above, we try to be as informal and friendly as possible whilst producing a professional web site to your satisfaction.

If you would like to proceed, please contact us at the following e-mail address :