It is difficult to be precise about total cost without knowing how extensive the website is going to be, so for simplicity we have based our prices on numbers of web pages, plus an annual support charge to provide a "reasonable" amount of maintenance.

The current rate is a basic 25 plus a further 10 per page to set up the site to your satisfaction payable on completion of the website. Maintenance is a further 10 per year per page for the ability to call on us to make weekly changes (necessary if you wish to maintain volatile information such as an up-to-date availability calendar), or 5 per year per page if less frequent updates will suffice. Maintenance is payable annually in advance commencing twelve months after the web site becomes generally available on the Internet.

The typical costs for a five page villa website would be :

  • Web Site Design and Build - 75 plus annual maintenance charges of between 25 and 50

  • Domain Name registration - 10 to 30 (renewable every two years)

  • Web Space - Initially Free, or from 40 per year if you wish to upgrade

All we ask is that you stick with us for the initial two year registration period, although this is of course only a "Gentleman's Agreement". If you then wish to take over future maintenance, we will help you to take control of the site.

If you are interested in having your own website, but are unsure of anything at all, please contact us for free advice at the following e-mail address :