We build web sites for small business owners as a part-time activity, utilising IT knowledge which has been gained over very many years in the computer business. We believe that the key features of a successful web site are clarity, quality of information, and speed of access.

The average person searching for information on the Internet probably hasn't much patience as there is so much information available, and if there are long delays then they will just go on to the next site. Whilst it is a great idea to have an attention grabbing site, for optimum performance it is best to avoid large or high resolution photographs, or excessive use of graphics.

Our experience is that people independently searching the Internet are now becoming a significant source of income for small business owners, so we pay particular attention to gaining high rankings on the various search engines.

One area on which we focus is holiday villa web sites where potential clients may have identified your villa as a possibility through specialist magazines like "Private Villas", and now want more details on locality, availability, prices, and photographs. Access to this sort of information on a well designed web site gives them confidence that there will be no unpleasant surprises when they go on their holiday - a factor which is particularly important for the first time visitor. Another benefit of providing this level of detail is that you will get less non-productive phone calls or general enquiries, like "is it available in July" or "do you have a pool", as this should all be covered on the website - it certainly is on those that we build.

If you would like to see an example of a larger website built by us at EliteWebs, please visit Villa Rosa.  This website has attracted between 300 and 400 different visitors every month for the last two years, and whilst we do not consider "hits" to be particularly significant, there have been 6,000 to 8,000 of these every month during the same period.


If you are interested in having your own website, but are unsure of anything at all, please contact us for free advice at the following e-mail address :